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Matthew R. Keyes

Matthew R. Keyes

Heritage Wealth Partners President / CEO

Matthew Keyes is the President of Heritage Wealth Partners and focuses on working with business owners and retirees, both of whom are constantly presented with unique financial challenges.

“Protecting assets for most of us prior to and during our retirement is more important than taking unnecessary risks and seeing how fast we can grow those assets. With the tumultuous fiscal state of our country, planning has become extremely important. Securing assets for one’s immediate family, grandchildren or maybe a favorite charity, while losing as little as possible to probate fees, attorney fees, and taxes has become increasingly more challenging. Improving our lifestyles, simplifying financial decisions and having greater confidence are worthy goals whether preparing for or living a longer, more productive retirement. Goals common among my clients include increasing their standard of living, increasing spendable income and possibly reducing their income taxes this year. It has always been my mission to build lasting relationships. An exceedingly important factor to the success of our relationship is to be able to spend time with you to learn about your financial goals, desires and needs. If we can help you improve your standard of living, or maybe bring a little simplification to your financial plan, then we can help improve your life and that is what a little planning can do for you.”

Mr. Keyes earned his BA in Economics from The Ohio State University and currently lives in Dublin, Ohio with his wife Nina. Mr. Keyes grew up in Columbus and has been a member of St. Cecilia parish for over 45 years. Along with spending time with his family, Mr. Keyes enjoys golfing and Ohio State sporting events.