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Matthew R. Keyes

Matthew R. Keyes

Heritage Wealth Partners President / CEO & CCO

Matthew Keyes is a seasoned financial professional serving as the President/CEO & CCO of Heritage Wealth Partners. With a dedicated focus on assisting business owners and retirees, Matthew addresses the unique financial challenges that these individuals often encounter.

In a rapidly changing fiscal landscape, Matthew emphasizes the importance of safeguarding assets during retirement. He advocates for a prudent approach, prioritizing asset protection over unnecessary risks. In the face of challenges posed by probate fees, attorney fees, and taxes, Matthew helps clients secure their assets for immediate family, grandchildren, or charitable causes.

"Improving lifestyles, simplifying financial decisions, and instilling greater confidence are worthy goals in preparing for or living a longer, more productive retirement," says Matthew. He actively works towards common objectives, such as increasing the standard of living, enhancing spendable income, and potentially reducing income taxes for his clients.

Building lasting relationships is at the core of Matthew's mission. Taking the time to understand clients' financial goals, desires, and needs is a crucial aspect of ensuring success. By providing assistance in improving standards of living and simplifying financial plans, Matthew aims to enhance the lives of his clients through thoughtful planning.

Matthew Keyes holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from The Ohio State University. Residing in Dublin, Ohio, with his wife Nina, he has deep roots in Columbus, being a member of St. Cecilia parish for over 45 years. Beyond his professional pursuits, Matthew enjoys spending quality time with his family, indulging in his passion for golf, and cheering on Ohio State sporting events.